Lots of Poop to eat, come to dinner, eat more Poop, and Poop in the Throne! POOP POOP POOP

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Do you love Poop? 

yes hell no

What kinds of Poop do you give birth to?

irregular swollen puffy thin liquid balls

wheaty nutritional broken stringy splasher

What color is your Poop?

brown black green cyan gray other

Does your bowel movements affect your religious principles? 

amen to that nay

How many times have you pooped this year?

Have you ever Pooped while driving?

oh yeah shit no too hard to remember

Who is the Master of Poop?

When you were a little tot, what did you think Poop was?

Have you Pooped illegally?

yes none of your business!

Are you willing to risk your life to Poop in dangerous places?

Does Poop have a weird, psychedelic control over your life?

ask me later, gotta drop off the Cosby kids at the pool   probably not

Do you think public Pooping should be legalized? 

yes no

What does Poop smell like to you?

When using the toilet, do you often have to Poop manually or automatically? 

manual automatic

Have you ever taken your Poop to a fortune teller? 

no yes- Please select what its fate is

Has any of your Poops served in any wars? 

one some many none

Was any of your Poops Missing in Action? 

yes no

What are your Poop's favorite activities? 

Which Poop Commander served in Poop War 4? 

Have you worked at a Poop Factory before? 

yes no

Do you consume your own Poop, or other organism's Poop? 

no yes- Please select what you like with it

What are your Poop's favorite movies?

Gone with the Whirl Pokemon: gotta shit em all Titanic Poop

Revenge of the Turds Poopman Forever Forrest Dump

What Women Poop Jurassic Poop Crap Hard with a Vengeance

I STILL Know What You Pooped Last Summer Son-In-Law

Please list your opinions of Poop in the space provided